Rebecca Walls embodies the definition of being a good neighbor. In her role as Executive Director of Unite the Church of Greater Dallas, Rebecca and her team connects Christian leaders to each other and to resources needed to address the urgent social challenges facing our cities.

Unite’s origins date back to 2009 when Rebecca says that, “God suddenly placed a question on the hearts of a few influential churches in the metroplex of what would it look like if we worked together in our communities?”

From those initial God promptings plans were laid for a catalytic event that mobilized 50+ churches and just under 20,000 volunteers in May of 2010. Houses were repaired. Neighborhoods were cleaned up. Homeless were touched. Under-resourced children were fed. Awareness of needs was raised. And relationships were started.

Since then, Unite the Church of Greater Dallas has grown to be a network of 300+ churches and growing. It is diverse in terms of denomination, race, socio-economic level, and location. Rebecca goes on to say that “these church-to-church relationships are a HUGE step in the right direction and the diversity and growing trust allows for brainstorming around key community needs.”

Unite’s mission is based on Jesus’ teachings, “that in our unity, the world will know who He is and that God loves them” (John 17:23). In addition, those of the Apostle Paul who over a dozen times in his writings encourages “synergos” or synergy — working together.

Rebecca and Unite the Church of Greater Dallas, along with Loving Community and Forge Dallas are local sponsors of National Good Neighbor Day which happens annually on the third Sunday of September (September 17, 2017). The goal of NGDN is to, “proclaim and demonstrate the value of being a good neighbor by encouraging and building neighborhood relationships resulting in stronger and more caring communities.”

Find out more information of how you can participate in National Good Neighbor Day and other community events  at or