National Good Neighbor Day 2017 is in the books! It was this past Sunday, September 17th and is celebrated annually on the third Sunday of September.

The goal of the day is to proclaim and demonstrate the value of being a good neighbor by encouraging and building neighborhood relationships resulting in stronger and more caring communities.

It was lots of fun as neighbors gathered and spent time with one another around this idea of being good neighbors.

A few of the highlights and acts of kindness was bringing a meal to a sick neighbor, several community parties and picnics, preparing and delivering of goody bags to neighbors, visiting a local nursing home, giving out of Starbucks gift cards, writing notes of appreciation to neighbors, lending a personal truck to a neighbor to pick up building supplies for a home project, meeting and welcoming new neighbors to the neighborhood, and watering a neighbors plants while they were out of town.

While all of these are relatively small in nature, imagine the bigness of impact on a community where these became the rhythm and fabric of that community. It would be a great and life giving place to live!

Save the date now for next year’s National Good Neighbor Day which will happen on September 16, 2018, and remember, you can be a good neighbor EVERY day!